Hackers ported HTC Desire ROM to DROID Incredible to gain Fast Boot mode

After the release of new HTC smartphones i.e HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z the previous week in UK we came across an exciting features which was the Fast Boot mode, allowing you to make quick calls and check email by reducing the time taken to complete the boot-up sequence. This is an exciting feature.

As compared to other Android powered devices, in general Android powered devices takes at least a minute or two in order to completely boot up the device, but HTC’ Fast Boot allows device to be functional in less than three seconds.

HTC-Desire-HDAt first i was thinking that this feature was result of new Snapdragon 2nd-generation processor, but the reality was hidden under a smart software package. Yes the Fast Boot is enabled with software not the hardware. Hackers have successfully ported the new Sense UI ROM from Desire HD to the previous Droid Incredible and were able to introduce the Fast Boot technology.

Droid-Life have just flashed the ROM on his Incredible to show really how fast the booting time is which was achieved from an older device. Apparently the phone does not power’s off itself completely but it places itself in somewhat Sleep mode which helps the quick boot in action.

Windows Phone 7: The HTC HD 7 leaked specifications and photos

HTC HD 7 (also called HD 3) has been spreading over the tech circle for quite sometimes now and it seems the time is near to its launch. HTC HD 7 is the very first smartphones to run the most awaiting Windows Phone 7 operating system. Today i came across some leaked specifications of the phone along with some authenticate snap shots of the device.





The most interesting item in the spec list is the support of T-Mobile USA which can run on 3G frequency at 1700 MHz, this proves that T-Mobile will be launching HTC HD 7 formerly in US market. As expected earlier, the phone has a 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen display that encourages a WVGA (480 x 800) pixel resolution, further it has a 1 Ghz Qualcomm QSD8250 processor family inside to achieve gain enhanced and better performance levels.

HTC HD3 (HD 7) Specification List :




It has a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor to light up the device and extract the most extreme capabilities the device can deliver along with a 576MB on-board RAM. Further for multimedia purpose it has a 5MP camera with a dual LED flash light which supports 720p high definition video recording. There is 8GB of internal fixed memory which cannot be extended (not confirmed).

According to a leaked documentation from German operator O2, HTC HD 7 is expected to get official on 18th October the next month. 





Download 30+ Premium Blogger Templates for FREE

This is the collection of very finest blogger themes collected from the web, which are free to use by Bloggers. Here we have around 30 Premium blogger templates which can be downloaded for free. As you all know that Blogger is know enabled to work different types of themes with out any hassles, similarly like in WordPress.

Hence it has been customized with lots of efforts in a sense that such complex and premium bloggers templates works well with ease and also maintain its appearance as like in original. In recent years there have been many best looking blogger template but the problem was they need to be purchased for use, but so far this collection is a pure premium blogger templates which can be downloaded for free.

So check it out the collection and grab one for you :

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Android Notifier allows you to receive Phone Call, SMS etc notifications on PC/Mac

If you are an Android user then you will be happy for what this application can do with your phone. Android Notifier is an android powered application for your phone, and a similar application which is for your desktop computer. The application allows you to receive notifications like Phone calls, MMS, SMS all other directly on your computer.

The Android Notifier application is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux based system as it is a multi-platform device so it works well on variety of operating systems. It is simple to sync your Android phone with your desktop, all you need is Android Notifier application for your PC/Mac, and the same application on your phone. The sync requires Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network between your computer and phone.


Android Notifier Application



Android Notifier Desktop Application







For Bluetooth connection you must have Android 2.0 or later installed on your phone. Even if you like growl notification system, Android Notifier can even help you configure growl notifications. 

Download Android Notifier

Download Android Notifier for Desktop

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VLC Media Player app for iPad is available for download

Here comes the most awaited media player application for iPad, it is VLC player now available for iPad. VLC player for iPad has finally be approved by the Apple now it is available for download from App Store. Its true that VLC player is most popular media player with Windows users as it is simple to use, powerful and extendable which allows you to play all most all multimedia files and different streaming protocols.




VLC player for iPad comes with almost all popular and most commonly used built-in codecs. It can even play broken and corrupted media files. In order to run VLC on your iPad it requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later. According to MacRumors :

Early previews of the application suggested that the application would be a solid and versatile offering despite a few limitations. After 2 weeks of review, VLC for the iPad is eventually available on the AppStore! The release date is set to Tuesday, Sept. 21, so depending on your timezone, it should be available pretty soon.

Download VLC Player for iPad [iTunes]

Would the Facebook smartphone looks like this ?

We have been hearing many rumors that Facebook is working on their smartphone and very soon we will have Facebook phone in market, but these are rumors and nothing else, where Facebook has even denied to these rumors saying that they are not yet involved working on Facebook smartphone.




But a designer Sean Percival came up with his concept that, if in future we would have a Facebook smartphone, What will it look like ? Designer have illustrated his idea so a phone which looks like iPhone 4, look at the text on the screen, enough geeky to Facebook :)

Again the photo shot is just an artistic illustration and a joke, but no doubt if ever Facebook plans to release their own smartphone, it will have many features listed :)

Samsung deforms young photo professionals with NX100

Announced previous week after the successor to Samsung NX10, its time for Samsung NX100, which has been released with some cool features and pricing details. Samsung NX100 is announced with a price tag of $599, where additional features a 20-50mm f3.5-5.6 zooming lens, shoots the price to $649 along with 20mm f2.8 pancake lens.



Samsung NX100 is a camera without any mirror have powerful 14.6 mega-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor, an ISO which ranges from 100 to 3200 or even to 6400 boost mode, for such a professional featured camera, it has a 3-inches AMOLED VGA screen display.

You can even record HD capable 720p videos with Samsung NX100, further more you have an option to increase the memory via SD/SDHC card slot. An optional GPS module has also been added for geo-tagging.


Apart from above mentioned lenses, Samsung also offers 60mm macro lens and 18-20 mm telephoto lens.

via CNET

Refurbished iPad gets on sale with $50 discount from Apple Store

It has been around five to six months after the launch of Apple iPad. Finally Apples store is selling refurbished iPads at amazing discounted prices. This is for the very first time that Apple is offering such a discount on iPad, well its hard to predict the actual reason of such a discount. Currently, the Wi-Fi models of refurbished iPads are available on the sale which $50 less then its original price.



$50 is not the the amount that people will be rushing towards its refurbished products, but for me i will definitely save the amount for something else :) Similar to the new iPad, the refurbished iPads also comes with one year warranty, check out the price list of Wi-Fi refurbished units :

  • Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi for $449
  • Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi for $549
  • Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi for $649

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The difference between Android Vs iPhone [Comic]

Android lover will be proud to have Android devices as the comics itself proves the difference between Apple iPhone and Android. Couldn’t find out the author of this interesting comic between iPhone and Android, i think it was funny geeky comic strip to be shared here so have a look and do share your comments.

According to the comic the Android user is well excited with the device and keeps on telling the iPhone user what he can do with his Android enabled device, whereas iPhone users seems to be helpless and have nothing much to speak against the powerful Android user :)


The crazy Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid Tablet/Netbook

Amazing from the photo’s is’nt is ? This is the latest Inspiron computer from Dell called the Duo Tablet which appeared on Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010, San Francisco. Inside this machine is an Intel’s Dual Core Atom N550 processors, and running Windows 7 Premium edition on it.



The breath taking feature for the latest Dell Inspiron computer is its 10-inch touchscreen which skirts the line between a traditional laptop and a tablet through a flip around screen.

On flipping the screen the machine acts like a smart tablet where a complete keyboard immediately appears on a screen, wow !!. Well we could not find any more specification regarding this laptop, but i guess it is at least a 4lbs thick stylish machine.

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