Apple seems busy testing touchscreen panels for iMac

A few day back we heard about a rumors that Apple is planning to release a touchscreen iMac for their users, the rumors were surfaced on many reliable technology blogs and Digitimes also reported that Apple is really busy in testing the touchscreen panels for upcoming Apple iMacs.



Evidently Sinek Photronics are the suppliers for capacitive touchscreen panels to Apple for testing purposes, where as the upcoming Apple iMacs are rumored to have a good vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

Lets hope that what Apple is testing with the panels gives them a positive results as the engineers expects, and  a time is not too long when we will be reviewing the Touchscreen Apple iMacs very soon.

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Unboxing Gallery : The Nokia N8 Smartphone

Greg Kumparak from TechCrunch seems to be excited as today he finally gets Nokia N8 smartphone which was just released two-three days back. Well there is no review of Nokia N8 this time we are just sharing with you the very first unboxing images of the brand new Blue themed Nokia N8, have a look :

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Behind the Scenes: Developing Pakistan’s First Antivirus – Instant Virus Killer (IVK)

Whilst we’re familiar with names such as Eset, Symantec and McAfee with their 98 per cent detection rates which make people feel safe online, the real question is how millions of computers and websites are still infected with malware if basically every processor is equipped with a modern antivirus programme.

The two visionary persons realized the reasons for the two per cent vulnerability of global antivirus solutions and developed ‘Instant Virus Killer’ (IVK)—Pakistan’s first antivirus software. Here in this interview being conducted by a local newspaper with the makers of IVK, Hafiz Usman and Syed Imran Ali explain the procedure.




What was your main motivation in coding IVK?

From the beginning both of us wanted to do something in the field of computing which was different from the norm in Pakistan. Our motivation came one day when our Windows was corrupted due to a virus and we ended up installing the Operating System (OS) several times in a single day in order to fix the problem. That was the time when we decided to develop our own antivirus, not depending on global solutions.

The initial plan was never to launch it as a product but to keep it within our circle. However, when our user base of friends and family used the product and appreciated it, especially some built-in unique features, that motivated us to launch it professionally. Afterwards we worked on it more consciously and tested it from different angles and got it registered.

In what language is IVK written? Tell us more about how it works?

IVK is written in C++ and Assembly and has a dual virus protection system. The first feature is our special algorithm by which it detects viruses from Hard Drive, USB or from any other removable media. The second feature which makes our solution unique is our 10-second Recovery Feature that can recover any data loss or formatted partition in just 10 seconds— even the data can be of 100 GB or more.

How do you find new viruses?

Finding new viruses now is not that difficult as people think. Mostly our friends and online communities discuss computer-related security issues and we also have access to alert emails from all around the world which are sent out instantly as a new threat is detected. Hence we’re automatically updated about the new malware instantly.

What are some other new trends in malware?

Well, it keeps on changing because the security level keeps going up with time. However, these days we’re noticing an increased use of HTTP protocols by malware. This is the most dangerous malware since its detection is comparatively difficult and it connects on the same ports as browsers it can cause more damage.

How many new malware do you investigate every week, and how many of those end up being added to the programme?

We experience new malware almost daily. I want to make one thing clear that their behavior is almost similar to one another, only their approach is different. If you know the basics then you can easily detect 90 per cent malware without any investigation.




How many registered users do you have?

We have a little more than a 100 registered users at present and we’ve had very good feed back from them. We’re still pushing to make our software free in Pakistan. In this regard, we’re looking for government or private sector support, e.g. if the government purchases our antivirus software for the public sector, we can easily use those funds to make the solution free for the rest of the Pakistani users. We have worked two years to develop our software and have introduced the world’s fastest recovery feature but are still looking for assistance.

So what’s next?

We want to do something that will make our families and our country proud. We’ve already started working on developing Pakistan’s first Operating System which we hope will lead the country into the list of states renowned for their IT-based skill sets.

PlayBook Vs iPad Vs Galaxy Tab Vs Dell Streak !! Tablet PC comparison [Picture]

Here is a pictorial comparison of some of the smart tablet computers available in market. Comparison held between Blackberry PlayBook, the most popular Apple iPad, the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab, and finally the Dell Streak. This is a good first hand knowledge before you step into the market for the purchase.



Ufone starts pre-order for Nokia N8 with 25% discount

Ufone, one of the telecommunication provider in Pakistan is offering a some really good offers to their customers by starting the pre-order of Nokia N8 phones. It is said that Ufone is bringing Nokia N8 to Pakistan with 25% of discount as compared to the local market price. So this discounted price will be a great news for their customers.



We won’t be calling this as a subsidiary, as there is no restrictions/contracts or obligations on the handset, however this is a discount offered exclusively for their customers. For more information about Nokia N8 visit our previous post.

You can pre-order Nokia N8 from Ufone’s website, as it is also confirmed that the every first shipping of Nokia N8 was made yesterday. Well the price tag for Nokia N8 from Ufone discounted offer is Rs.41,900/- and it is not a network locked.

Pre-Order Nokia N8

You can place your order from the link provided below, or you can even visit to your nearest service center from the list below.



Facebook brings out High-Resolution Photo Sharing features [Latest]

Today onwards Facebook have recently announced the latest features and updates which includes access to high-resolution, printable quality pictures with out activating any premium/paid accounts. Now you can upload photos up to 2048 pixels also called 720p high definition photos and even can download these high-resolution pictures using the Download button.





You will now be able to “view photos and even whole albums without even having to go to a new page. Instead, the photo opens in the center of your screen, and you close it when you’re done. There’s no need to go back and forth between pages or reload the page”

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Samsung Galaxy Tab launched in Pakistan !!

We are happy to update our Pakistani geeks that Samsung Galaxy Tab has been launched in Pakistan, Mr.Zeeshan Qureshi and Mr.Roy Chang with HHP and PR team was photographed holding the Galaxy Tab. It is the very first mobile tablet which includes the most powerful smart phone features including a 7-inch enhanced TFT display screen and 1 GHz Hummingbird processor under the hood supporting 3D graphics too.

Visit Samsung Galaxy Tab for more information. You can also read the comparison between Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs Apple iPad.



NASA Robotic Hand with Space Glove “Omni-Hand” turns on Ebay

The world biggest auction site Ebay has something really strange and interesting to be sold out. This is the first mechanised dexterous automated robotic hand that was brought out by NASA. If you are eager to owe a fancy Omni-Hand piece from NASA, then this hand is set at a price tag of $18,750 where it comes with its own set of gloves.






This hand was a made with a collaboration contract for NASA, along with the prototype model, there have been only two models made. The deals come with a space glove, a power box, motion controller, software and some essential gear.

For more information on NASA’s Omni-Hand you can visit the auction page at Ebay.

Jailbreak Apple TV to run iOS 4.1 is expected soon

The new Apple firmware iOS 4.1 is now available for Apple TV. Apple have just released iOS 4.1 for the 2nd generation Apple TV which is available for download. You may not find some useful features with the update but it is expected the something exciting but be added from the iOS Jailbreak community.




If you are not familiar with Apple TV you can visit our previous detailed Apple TV review. If your are worried about the local storage here, then update yourself as Apple TV is based on Rental Models which completely depends upon cloud streaming of media content from its own server.

Here is a complete specification how your Apple TV reacts after iOS 4.1 update.

Latest DLC for Left 4 Death ‘The Sacrifice’ will be available in October

According to Valve, the latest downloadable add-on pack for Left 4 Dead and Left for Dead 2 codenamed The Sacrifice will be officially available for download on both Xbox 360 and PC by 5th October 2010. The Sacrifice download contents (DLC) is the prequel to the previous April released called The Passing.

The Sacrifice will push the player to construct strong decisions where the survivor will be killed at the end and acquires the place of previous survivors from Left 4 Dead.




The Sacrifice DLC for Left 4 Dead is a different download then Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead 2, where L4D2 game players will receiver the L$D survivors and “No Mercy” campaign. You can play both the campaigns under Campaign vs Survival and Scavenge modes and both of them will feature the L4D2 Special Infected, items and weapons.